Six sigma Overview and More

The use of Six Sigma in the business world is not new anymore. For over two decades, it has helped small and large companies gain triumph and success over the years. For sure, you might have heard about Six Sigma and how it can be an edge to your competitors.

Motorolas Bill Smith is the founder of this marketing methodology. Then it became more popular and gave success to other companies like General Electric, 3M, Honeywell and Merrill Lynch. If you are not aware of this, you should first a Six Sigma overview to know how it is developed and how it spells success. It is based on mathematical concepts such as statistics and probability, matrix and many others. It also analyzes the marketing concepts such as the cost, schedule, quality control, hypothesis testing, cause and effect matrix, critical to quality, and standard deviation. This requires advanced statistical analysis to know the proper measures and what method of action to use.

A business professional can enhance his marketing skills by having a Six Sigma certification and title. If he is trained within the discipline, he can surely handle conflicts and complex marketing issues. He will explore and apply the methods when necessary. Moreover, its main goal is to answer business problems and lessening the occurrences of defects. This is the main principle of Six Sigma. However, some projects may not require Six Sigma tools because it is either incompatible that the method is not applicable. Many books can give Six Sigma overview and it could motivate you to have training and who knows, you might get a Six Sigma certification in no time.

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