Small detailed notes for SCJP exam

In all our endeavors, we need to be prepared and beforehand be ready on what to expect or happen. Just like in taking exams for the SCJP 1.5, it is not enough that you have read everything you have to know about Java programming, there are also things that you may not be aware of that study notes are made available and are useful.

The SCJP 1.5 study notes provides study guides on how to take the SCJP exam.   It includes guides on practicing codes as 1.5 version is not only about knowledge but more on performance based.  If candidate is working in a java environment, such would not be a problem. The hand typing coding is better than memorizing.  It provides you tips of how to understand questions as they are given. Books on study notes are available and cover all the topics in java programming. It is enough that you get only one book that covers everything.

A study notes are also a record of all small details in java programming.  The following are topics that study notes are to cover:

1.  Language Fundamentals 2.  Garbage Collection 3.  Operators and assignments 4.  Conversion, casting and promotion 5.  Flow Control and exceptions 6.  Method Overloading and Overriding 7.  Nested Classes 8.  Threads 9.  Fundamentals in Java Language package 10.Java Collections Framework

Take that small detailed study notes for the SCJP exam and assess your learning. Study notes are guides and are helpful to SCJP candidates.

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