Smart Tips for the Keen CCNP Kit Purchaser

Buying a kit for your  Cisco Certified Network Professionals home lab is one of the best ways you can do to prepare for your upcoming Cisco exams. A lot of kits are put together by placing one router or switch at a time, but there are also many  Cisco Certified Network Professionals candidates who also prefer to purchase kits that come pre-packaged with multiple routers and assorted switches, along with cables and other types of connection devices you will need for the job. But this can also be quite expensive, not to mention a bit overwhelming for someone who is just starting out in Cisco. You might end up buying something you do not need.

Keep in mind that when it finally comes to purchasing the materials you will need for your  Cisco Certified Network Professionals home lab kit, you will first need only one transceiver for each AUI port that can be found on a Cisco router.

So if you will be getting the type of router that ha two AUI ports built in it, you will not need to purchase a pre-packaged kit that has five transceivers. Of course,it would not hurt to have a spare transceiver at hand for any emergency that may arise. Also, remember not to purchase kits that have old and outdated Cisco Certified Network Professionals study guides packaged along wit it. There are some kits that have books that are three years out of date, and this will not help you keep up with the times. Always check for a kit that has an update book or you may simply ask the vendor to send a recent one along with our purchase.

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