So Santa and ITIL…. (cont’d)


Last blog I explored Santa’s delivery service and ITIL®.


This Blog I would like to explore Santa’s workshop – which I am sure would be a technology haven just so all his toys can be made by the deadline of December 24….


ITSCM  – what would Santa do if a disaster struck??? – images of hot standbys come to mind – but what about all that snow??? (sorry – couldn’t resist) – where would his Disaster recovery site be?? –  the South Pole? –and what would his BCP’s be – back to the old spin tops and wooden horses and trains? (actually, would definitely be the case if he hasn’t updated his ITSCM plan…)


Service Desk – suddenly I have images of elves ringing to make service requests, report incidents and having other elves offer workarounds…


Supplier Management – now this would have to be huge… that is if he outsources all his toy making (hmm – would Santa do that?) – of course he would! – there is no way Santa would break patents and copyright to make his own ipod, psp, barbie dolls etc…


The more I look at it (again whilst drinking my red) the more I see the true value of Santa having a very mature ITIL® framework in his “little, humble” toy factory…


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service





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