SOA: A Whole New Way of Doing Programming

While SOA-based applications have made integration of different applications in
different platforms an easier task, it has also given rise to new and significant security
risks in web services.  Today, with different internet, XML and web security
mechanisms already in place, understanding web services in SOA is crucial if you
want to monitor, control, and manage your application functionality.

Web services is a system designed in such a way that it has standardized formats and
can be integrated to another program in another platform.  It has to be made clear that
understanding web services do not necessarily mean you have a complete
understanding of SOA.  Web services is just an implementation of a particular
technology in SOA and thus is not completely SOA in itself.  While SOA may have
just been recently introduced in the developer’s world, the concept of services in the
web is not.  Although it could be said that web services is and integral part of SOA,
you can still create SOA-like programs but it may not be as loosely coupled as SOA
through web services and can be difficult to update and upgrade.  Security issues may
also crop up if one system is not compatible with another system.

Having a clear understanding of web services in SOA improves overall network
security.  Technologies now exist for authentication checks so that the company and
the client are protected against unauthorized and unwanted access.

Understanding web services and SOA creates portable data and applications which
can be easily integrated, upgraded, updated, and modified in almost all platforms with
relatively no security risk.

There is a fictional book about a king who went into the present-day Spain in search of new knowledge.
And in Spain, in one of the secluded ports, he found a castle owned by Jews.
The king then asked about any new knowledge that the prince of the castle might know off.
And he was presented with the printing of books, whereas in order lands the making of books were still made by writing.
SOA is also of the same leaf as the moral of latter story.
SOA is the epitome of old knowledge being reused and updated into something faster, efficient and cheaper.
From its first conception and use, it has always been for the reintegration of all the programs, codes and systems.
It is a worthwhile and effective program to have, especially for the BUsiness World, which like IT changes every day.
Imagine using different programming codes and systems for your Business’ website.
What if a need to change a part of it arises?
And you had it changed, but the new program does not agree or even work with the old ones.
In a dilemna such as this, which one would you choose, the old or the new, if the result of choosing any of the two would mean the eventual trashing of the other?
In SOA, this will be avoided because all of your programs will be held and written into one, effective, cheap and flexible system.
Wouldn’t you rather want to have a program that does it all than series of multiple programs that can’t seem to agree with one another, not to mention more expensive?  


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