SOA Actuary


oriented architecture (SOA) implementations enable communications and
interactions between IT systems and applications that are based on different
technological platforms. However, before starting the implementation process,
it is necessary to assess all the potential risks associated with it. For
achieving this, the implementation team needs to conduct an analysis of the
involved risks. Such an analysis is often referred to as SOA actuary, which if
done in a proper manner, goes a long way in ensuring the success of SOA
implementations. Undertaking SOA actuary initiatives all across the
organization involves the detailed study of existing IT systems and
applications, their benefits, limitations, and problems that might occur when
various applications interact with each other.


actuary can be conducted by an internal team consisting of experienced senior
employees belonging to various functional departments such as sales, purchase,
production, marketing, and customer services. If a company has just started its
operation and lacks the experience of senior employees, it can opt for
professional SOA actuary services. However, before selecting a particular
service provider, it is necessary to check its reputation because the market is
full of firms that may claim to provide excellent services, but may actually
fail to deliver after being hired. By hiring the most appropriate SOA actuary
service provider, businesses can ensure the success of SOA initiatives.  



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