SOA and DNS Together

The Internet has introduced a whole new world, wherein you will get to encounter a lot of different terms to better understand how certain processes work. Examples of which are IP addresses and domain names. Before you visit your favorite site on the web, usually you have to type the web address on the ADDRESS field of the browser. This is called the site’s domain name, which is a readable format also called as hostname (e.g. IP addresses on the other hand are numeric character values assigned to a certain site (e.g., making it possible for the computer to recognize the request being sent to the server. Now the process of translating IP addresses to domain names and vice versa is called as domain name system or DNS.

Since web services and service oriented architecture (SOA) are linked together to create opportunities in developing systems that can adapt to business requirements in a cost-effective and timely manner, thus the birth of virtual networking services. A part of this concept is the DNS, wherein a network node should be allowed on the name server for the purpose of maintaining known and stable names. Even if there are changes on the location and address, the user can still access the web service because of the concealed applications that runs the DNS, resulting to value-added features such as caching. The abstraction layer of the DNS provides an efficient approach in supporting platform implementations and organizational structure, which is one of the benefits that the business can get through service oriented architecture (SOA).

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