SOA Architecture


term SOA or Service-Oriented Architecture is used to define the software
services that support the various needs and requirements of the software users
and other business processes. Service-Oriented Architecture is not related to a
single technology and it can be implemented using various forms of technology,
like RPC, CORBA, REST, DCOM and other Web services. SOA can also be employed
without using these protocols and can implement the use of a file system to
communicate information to an interface, between the processes. The key lies in
the services and their interfaces that can perform tasks in a simple manner,
without the independent service accessing the necessary application.


is a progress in architecture and contains many of the best and most commonly
used practices pertaining to architecture. For instance, in the sphere of
communication systems, there has been little or no progress of solutions that
use stationary bindings to communicate with other tools within the network. However,
by welcoming the SOA methodology, solutions have now upgraded themselves to
focus on the importance of a highly interoperable and well-defined interface.


also supports the technique of separating the consumers or users from the
service accomplishments. Therefore, the available services can now be accessed
from various network services.














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