Soa Best practices


Due to high success rates, there is a growing trend
of acceptance and support of Web services by the IT industry worldwide. The
sooner they are incorporated into your business enterprise the better, as they
would serve to help your team understand the importance of the new platform.
Its effects on application architecture and technology will be clear to them.
In spite of the desirability, the incorporation of Web services should only be
initiated when it is known that they are sure to add value, and not otherwise.


Having identified that Web services will constitute
a strategic component of the enterprise, the best way to start would be through
a single application project. This would offer an opportunity to begin with the
minimum of risks, allowing the integration of Web Services to a limited extent
in a controlled manner. The most important point here is limited integration,
because it is best to avoid experimenting extensively with integration in a
non-standardized way. Incorporating service-oriented paradigms in the
enterprise will be a motivating factor in technically migrating to a framework
of Web services.


It is of paramount importance to limit the scope of the
Web services in the production environment. Even when the actual concept of web services is similar to
a component based design, there are significant differences, and improperly
designed web services may require early redevelopment. That is why it is
important to initially apply the new design to pilot applications and low risk
prototypes, instead of serious business functions, until a full understanding
is acquired.




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