SOA Business Process Modeling Marketing


business process modeling can be implemented in almost all of the functional
departments such as sales, purchase, production, and even marketing. Although
the last mentioned functionality i.e. marketing, may not involve extensive use
of IT systems and technologies, yet SOA business process modeling is still
utilized to provide consistency to standard marketing processes. SOA business
process modeling marketing is no more treated as just an add-on marketing tool,
because it has now become a necessity due to the standardization of marketing
processes. SOA business process modeling marketing is now increasingly being
implemented in large organizations having operations in many parts of the
world. It is necessary for such businesses to opt for SOA business process
modeling marketing because IT systems and technologies differ from region to
region, and if proper interactive channels such as SOA are not utilized, the
worldwide operations of the business might get adversely affected.


large organizations were the first to realize the benefits of SOA business
process modeling marketing, it is now being implemented by small and medium
level organizations as well. In a way, small businesses are the ones that need
it the most, because most of the time they run short of funds, and yet are
required to offer competitive products or services to their customers.


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