SOA business process modeling


oriented architecture (SOA) helps in the integration of existing IT systems and
applications that are currently being used by an organization. The SOA
architectural framework supports the interaction of all types of IT systems and
applications, even if they are using different programming platforms. The
architectural framework is effective because it is implemented by utilizing
standard business process modeling techniques. The SOA business process
modeling defines all the smaller components or sub-systems of a business
process so that each of these can be included while designing and developing
the architectural framework. This is necessary because every business process
has its own unique set of sub-systems that are vital for achieving the desired
results through that specific process. If any of the smaller components are not
covered properly during SOA business process modeling, it can seriously
undermine the very purpose of implementing SOA in an organization.


effectively carrying out the task of SOA business process modeling, an
organization can make use of advanced simulation software tools or ask for
suggestions from experienced senior employees, who might be having in-depth
knowledge about a particular business process. SOA business process modeling is
an inseparable part of the overall SOA implementation and is one of the main
factors that determine the success or failure or SOA initiatives in an
organization. Concentrating on SOA business process modeling should thus be the
primary objective of any organization that is planning to implement SOA.  





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