or service oriented architecture is an architectural design. The design was
created with the aim to accomplish loose coupling between closely associated
software agents. A service is defined as the work done by a service supplier to
obtain the desired end results for a consumer. Both, the supplier and consumer
are roles played by software agents. Software agents are provided with a small
set of simple and omnipresent interfaces, with specific encrypted interfaces.


The idea of a SOA is not new, however, the necessity
of SOA has become essential in the business environs, in the last few years.
SOA Data Architecture involves the building of software applications that
elevate loose coupling between components so that the components can remain in
the cycle and be reused. XML and the
Simple Object Access Protocol or SOAP is the technology within SOA that
enhances performance. They are platform-independent standard types of SOA
available on the Internet


The uncoupling of massive applications by breaking
down business functions and processes into distinct services is part of the SOA
data architecture. As a result, assets become more approachable and
reclaimable. The previous application development models are looped together
within an SOA execution pattern. The SOA approach offers the advantage of
introducing more layers and flexibility to the existent application level. SOA is a resurgence and
culimination of modular programming, event-oriented design and interface or
component-based design.


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