SOA models were developed to fix
some of the errors involved in the application of API sets. Attempts are being
made to increase the level of abstraction, by defining the SOA programming
model. This model is built with the help of many components, borrowed from
other technologies. The main goal is to reduce the level of complexity to which
software developers are exposed, when they deal directly with the database of
specific web applications. This approach becomes easy when majority of the communication
supports are replaced from the business code. Indigo is the latest execution
within the programming model for the service-oriented architecture from
Microsoft. It supports a large amount of software technologies for developing
and processing messages. Indigo is produced by Microsoft and is planned for
release with the next version of Windows-Vista.

enabled architecture, consisting of containers and plug-ins. The container
servers produce plug-in components that communicate via message routers.
Through the Service-oriented architecture, components interact through an
abstract service model and a messaging model that lodges in, at a level of
abstraction above any communications protocol or message-encrypting format. Service Component Architecture or SCA is defined as a stipulation
defining a model for building arrangements, using Service-Oriented Architecture
.It is a model for compiling elements into services, expanded to additionally
support composition of services.

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