SOA Service Definitions


oriented architecture (SOA) is a recently developed technological innovation,
and hence not many people are aware about what it actually means, or how it is
implemented in a business organization. To understand the basic concepts of
SOA, people often look for SOA service definitions on the Internet, but this
usually does not help, because the definitions are often vague and do not
convey the real meaning of SOA. While some SOA service definitions may portray
it as a software system, others may claim it is actually an organization-wide
informational framework, which supports all types of IT applications, based on
various technological platforms such as java or .NET. Although these
definitions are not wrong, since SOA services is a very vast topic it is often
quite difficult to include its whole essence in a single definition. To develop
a thorough understanding of the various methodologies, it will not be enough to
read just a few SOA service definitions. It would require going through
numerous books and journals and even getting some practical SOA implementation
experience. We can thus conclude that SOA service definitions are just used for
enriching the actual content and are quite incapable of conveying the real
implication of SOA related services.





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