(SOA) Service Oriented Architecture: Understanding The True Definition

SOA or Service Oriented Architecture is a process of designing and building the
applications by putting together reprocessed building blocks and all typically signifies as
a service.  SOA framework actually includes set of services and resources in other
infrastructure. Its interfaces develop slowly and let applications utilize them in such a
way that it is self sufficient of the protocol execution. SOA applications needs to use a
SOA implementation framework that is made up of formal methodology and a collection
of programmatic interfaces that are scalable, forceful and sufficient enough to achieve the
complex business requirements.

To make it more clear, the concept of SOA is interrelated to any e- commerce transaction
that is made online. If you place an order online, credit card information must be supplied
in your application. This is basically linked to an outside service vendor to authorize and
handle your purchase. And as son as you have paid for the item, the e-commerce
company contacts the shipping or delivery service to send the purchased product to you.
Sometimes credit card billing sections are offline and could affect your business
transactions. You have to collect the order and later on proceed to delayed billing

That is why SOA is important to provide your company a conceptual workflow of e
commerce services that can utilize several services to process purchases and orders. This
service is essential in organizing the business transactions online. And without this
Service Oriented Architecture it will be difficult for e-commerce businesses to easily
process purchases and deliveries to clients.


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