SOA training



or service-oriented architecture is an architectural design. The design was
created with an aim to accomplish loose coupling between closely associated
software agents. SOA Training improves the IT capability of the enterprise hierarchy via the involvement of a
better understanding and methodical preparation, with the use of SOA. The Training curriculum involves RUP
training, Extreme Programming,
Test Driven
training and UML
training, as well as Business Analysis Business Architecture Application
Analysis Design Architecture Enterprise Assets Design Architecture Data Content
Architecture Messaging.


The training imparts the application of the basic SOA rule that
the business foundation and the pillars of the IT structure lie in the
development of their most important resources- ‘people’. The course explains business and IT imperatives and
provides a broad SOA solution summary of current technology, products,
methodology and processes. The training season explains the current enterprise
disputes and offers breakthroughs in the analysis, design and construction


The programs to run a SOA model are TCP/IP,
VoIP, SIP, VPN, XML, Embedded Linux.
They are not under the OOPS or object oriented programming concept. The
higher-level languages and software, such as the XML and the Simple Object Access Protocol or SOAP are taught within the
training imparted for higher implementation of SOA. Both the programs are
platform-independent. SOA is business and technology
driven and also involves analysis design architecture modeling.


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