SOA Walkthrough


Oriented Architecture, commonly known as SOA, is a business- oriented IT
architectural method that provides support for integrating the business tasks
and services. It enables users to build composite applications that are drawn
from the functionality from several sources, within and beyond the enterprise,
in order to support horizontal business processes. It is not restricted to a
specific technology and could be implemented using an extensive range of
technology like the REST, DCOM, ORB or Web services. SOA is equipped to
function even via a file system mechanism, to communicate data conforming to
the concept of SOA. 


SOA approach requires the following for efficient automation of business


  • Standardized
    methods to access and explain the functionality of applications as
  • Specific language
    for the composition of functionalities of applications into business


Enterprise Service Bus or ESB provides an effective method to build and deploy
project-service oriented architectures or the SOA. One can build the SOA
walkthrough by starting with the ESB services and ending it with the user
application. Following steps help to build the application:


  • Develop a WLI
    stateless process to route the incoming web service to the appropriate
    service based on customer specified requirement.
  • Develop a WLI
    process for each customer type.
  • Create an order XML
    schema and build the order entry form in MS Info Path.
  • Build a web service
    in workshop, to use the XML schema created in the third step.
  • Configure MS Info
    Path to access the web service built in the third step.





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