SOA web services


order to implement SOA as an enterprise solution it is very necessary that the
consumer should know about SOA and associated services, to support the
functioning of the system. SOA helps in loose coupling between various software
components so that they can be reused. It helps in building applications on the
basis of services. Service is defined as the implementation of well-defined
business functionality. Clients dealing in different applications or business
processes are then able to use the services.


built on web service standards have gained a remarkable industry acceptance.
The standards are known as web service specifications and they provide a great
interoperability, a very important service of the SOA. SOA extensively uses web
service standards that include:





Web services description language

Universal Description, Discovery and integration


is a very important principle of SOA and is made available when SOA is
implemented with the web services. The interoperability allows different
distributed web services to run on a variety of software platforms and hardware
architecture, making the SOA solutions easily accessible to clients. In other
words, the level of flexibility offered by SOA would not be possible without
the combination of the SOA principles and the web services standards.


is very important for the quality of the web services standard to be good, as
this supports smooth machine-to-machine interaction over a network. Java 2 enterprise
edition and Java web services developer packs are among the best web service
standards. They are designed to help you to develop state-of-the-art web
services for the implementation of the SOA solutions.


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