Software As A Service (SaaS) : An Introduction to On Demand Applications

Customer satisfaction is always the goal of companies offering products and services to the public. Because of this, business owners always seek for new ideas and concepts, making life a lot more convenient than the usual. Say for example AOL, which is a well known brand when it comes to providing on demand applications to its members. Such exclusives are provided to different people with various interests and needs. These include music videos, movie trailers and concert live feeds for entertainment fanatics, and call features like call alerts, voicemail and VOIP for office personnel. This concept is also the same with Software as a Service (SaaS), wherein an on demand application is hosted on a remote server by a service provider and made available through the internet.

There are two major categories of SaaS and these are line of business services and customer-oriented services. The only difference lies on the target market on which these are being offered to. Line of business services is being offered to companies and enterprises such as customer relations applications and management programs, while customer-oriented services are open to the general public such as web-based email. Both are being offered for free, though customer-oriented services can also be used for free.

An on demand software application delivered by SaaS has the following key characteristics. First, it is network-based and is commercially available. Second is that every activity done are being managed from centralized locations, making it possible for customers to access applications anytime anywhere over the internet. And lastly, there is no need for downloadable upgrades and patches because of centralized feature updating.


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