Software Configuration Management Templates  Providing the Standard Pattern to Software Configurati

If you will be searching for the definition of the word template in the dictionary, you will find out that it has a lot of different meanings. A template may mean a pattern used in graphic arts, a form letter paper media or a pre-developed page layout. In Information Technology, a template may be a processing element, a generic programming tool, a word processing layout or a style sheet. On the other hand, the most applicable meaning for the word template nowadays, especially in the development of software tools, is that it is a standardized type of file that is used as a pre-formatted pattern in creating documents.

Writing a lot of paper works is such a very tedious and tiring task. You have to jot everything down, draw tables and create graphs. Because of this, brilliant minds have joined together in coming up with a software template that can be used as a guide or prototype in creating documents and reports that are usually done on a regular basis, thus saving a lot of time and energy. Templates have been used in different fields of study, business transactions and reporting. This is the exact same concept applied in configuration management (CM)

A lot of configuration management templates are available in the internet, most of which are easy and convenient to use. Software configuration management plan, configuration status accounting procedure and audits and reviews are some of the sections of the CM template. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to fill up the forms and keep up with the standards of CM. All you need to know is a brief background about CM and you should be all set.

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