Software Product Testing: Refining the Program and Grabbing Market Dominance

Product testing is very important for part of any software development project.  It will determine how the market or how end users react to the new application.  Software is a consumer item.  Its success will be defined by how well it will be received by its intended audience.  Its profitability and long term viability can be captured by how well it performed during the product testing phase.

There are two functional uses of software product testing.  The first one is technical and the other is more related to marketing.  Some software developers allow their projects to go live and be available to a wide audience.  This is to test the performance of the software and determine if there are issues that will arise during the testing stage.  Distributed product testing practices can produce valuable insights form end users in terms of software compatibility, conformance, and utility.  Normally, users are requested to provide feedback and other information that could help in the final development of the software.

The other type of software product testing is geared towards getting a fair market share.  Software developers normally release a trial version or demo type software with full functionality so that end users can test it on their systems for free.  This is a limited offer and the software will expire after a period of testing.  End users then will have the option to buy a full version of the product.  This is a way to generate more sales so that developers can stay afloat in the IT industry. 

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