Software Tools for Configuration Management

Change happens when building computer software, because of this, a configuration manager must do something to control it effectively. Software Configuration Management or simply SCM is used since it is a set of different activities especially designed to manage and control the different changes that might occur by determining the products of the work that are Possible to change, creating relationships between them, identifying some mechanisms intended for managing the various descriptions of the work products, controlling the different changes imposed, and reporting and auditing on all the changes that have been made.

There are different tools for Software Configuration Management. Some of them are books made especially for the purpose of helping managers to effectively manage the configuration of an organization. One of these books is written by Lyon, it is entitled Practical Configuration Management. This book was written to practically give guidance for configuration management professionals so as to include realistic and sensible guidelines for the implementation of each feature of the system for Configuration Management. There other books like the one written by Hass, Addison and Wesley, and Leon, all of which are guides for Configuration Management.

There are other tools for Software Configuration Management that is found in websites.  For those who have an access to the World Wide Web, feel free to visit some sites like for recent updates of the latest configuration management tools. Some of them provide information throughout the month. Just be wise in choosing the right software tools that matches the organizations needs.

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