Solid Prince2 Advice to Rid You Of The Jitters

Are you in dire need of some solid Prince2 advice for your upcoming examinations? In this article, you will be privy to a lot of things that will help you rest easy as you will have a better idea of what the test will be about!

The Prince2 Foundation exam has a standard test format. It runs for an entire hour and consists of seventy-five multiple choice questions. If you want to pass the exam, you will need to score at least thirty-eight correct answers. Keep in mind that this is a closed-book exam, so do not even think of sneaking in your mile-high pile of examination reviewers.

Such an exam is designed to measure whether or not a candidate is truly ready to take on the role of a project manager team under the Prince2 project management method. As such, the test taker will need to demonstrate his aptitude in the basic principles and terminologies of the Prince2 project management method. Aside from this, the test takes will also need to know how to describe the purpose and primary content of the different roles of Prince2, its eight-step structure the eight processes as well as sub-processes and the multiple techniques necessary to run the system. Its general objective includes tests in stating which products of project management are input or output of the eight processes, knowing the main purpose as well as the key contents of the management products, stating the relationship between the various deliverables and processes, and describing the role of management in the project.

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