Some Barriers to Knowledge Management

Despite its being an undeniably attractive method of organizing and retrieving information, knowledge management also has its own set of barriers. These barriers are not just located in one area-in fact, it comes from a wide variety of sources as well. It is important to know such barriers because one will need to keep these things in mind when it comes to taking full responsibility of knowledge that your company hold for its own sake. Take for example the first barrier, which is the people barrier. If the people who are tasked to manage the information are not really up to par with the job requirements, you will end up having vital company information carelessly thrown around and mismanaged. This will mean confusion in the work place thanks to wrong instruction and delayed orders.

Another barrier for knowledge management is also in the type of technology you employ. Let us face it, if you do not use a computer, you will take forever to get things organized. But if you also end up getting rid of the manual way of storing and passing around information (such as file cabinets and printed out memos), you will not be able to cope with the work load should all your computers and technological gadgets go bust. A balance is needed, and one does not need many of it in order to survive-just the right ones at that. Yet another barrier would be lack of funding. When there is no funding, there will be no money to invest in all these things and most especially in research. Research is highly important because it will let you in on the latest trends to improve not just your information silos but your human work force as well.


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