Some Common Mistakes in Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing software development is a common practice today.  Most companies contract a third party programming company to write their customized corporate applications.  Software development answers the needs of companies in developing their own applications to support their business operations, internetworking capabilities, and database and business intelligence management.  It is important to note however that software development is the most complicated and sensitive outsourcing project.  Companies therefore need to avoid several common mistakes when outsourcing their software development needs.

Companies need to determine their own organization s needs before contracting a software developer.  It would be a waste of time, money and effort if the software would not be very useful for the company s operation. 

Another common mistake in outsourcing software development would be to exact impossible expectations on the developer.  Of course it is but normal to expect that the outsourced job would perfectly fit in to the specifications of the company.  But companies should understand that custom software products will normally develop bugs and other problems.  Even giant software companies are plagued by application bugs.  So companies that outsource software development should include this in their plans. 

Finally, companies need to closely work with the software developer to avoid unnecessary problems.  Treating software development lightly would definitely lead to numerous application issues.  The process of outsourcing software development should be accompanied by careful planning and close monitoring of project development.  In this way, outsourcing software development would not cause much problems and unmet expectations due to lack of coordination with the contracted software developer. 

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