Some Common SQL Server Jobs for Administrators

The ability to multitask is not only common to IT professionals but is expected from them. Database administrators, for example, are expected to do several tasks at the same time. But that is not a problem anymore since dealing with multitasking is an easy job now with the many functionalities and features offered by different database applications like the Microsoft SQL Server. One of the useful features that database administrators can use for multitasking is the SQL Server jobs.

SQL Server jobs are collection of different steps that need to be executed by the application engine through the SQL Server Agent. With this, the administrator can set different tasks for the application during certain time intervals. The administrator just needs to set everything for the SQL Server job and it will automatically function as instructed.

Example of an SQL Server job is backing up the system database, which should be done everyday. Since backing up the system database is a routine task, the database administrator can simply program the application to do it specifically as instructed. Another SQL Server job is to backup the transaction logs. This task is important and should never be missed by the administrator. Backing up of the transaction logs can be set to every 15 minutes. So in case the administrator forgets to do it, the application will not. Backing up the user databases is also an important task that should be done daily and can be set as one of the SQL Server jobs.

Other common SQL Server jobs are deleting the backup history, deleting the mail history of the database, integrity checks, and update statistics. All these are routine tasks that should never be missed by the administrator, making them perfect to be among the SQL Server jobs.

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