Some Facts about the SaaS Industry

While most people thought the SaaS is nothing compared with the traditional software, there are actually some things that this software is most noted for. Although some of the SaaS are not that fully-featured just yet, they are flexible enough in meeting the business demands, especially on small to middle-size business scales. Here are some things why the SaaS industry is one system people should consider.

SaaS has long been in the IT industry. Although sounding new, the SaaS industry is already used in a lot of applications. Some popular consumer applications that use the SaaS include MySpace, eBay, YouTube, and iTunes, along with search engines like Yahoo and Google.

SaaS keeps getting better and better. During the early 90s, the concept is more popularly known as the Application Service Providers or the ASPs, or even called the managed services. Over the years, experts have redesigned the concept with better and more improved services, thus the birth of the SaaS. From broadband connectivity to grid computing, web services and virtualization, the SaaS industry keeps on improving and its practices are continuously maturing.

SaaS is as secured and as reliable as the traditional software. In fact, SaaS is more secured because users need not carry with them their applications elsewhere. Additionally, SaaS projects are more compliant because the vendors are the ones responsible for the tracking of projects and are accountable to a number of customers.

SaaS is suitable for smaller companies. Since SaaS is relatively more affordable than the traditional software, it is more efficient for small to medium-scale businesses.

The SaaS industry has presently continued to hit business and private users alike. With its affordability and high performance, it is no wonder to hear people opting for the Saas instead of the traditional software.


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