Some important notes on CMMI Level 5

Just like the other Maturity Levels, CMMI Level 5 (or Optimizing level) is the final stage that an organization has to accomplish in order to obtain an improved holistic process and enhanced fulfillment of customer needs through providing quality products and services.

Initially, CMMI is a process improvement method that is increasingly being adopted by many companies nowadays to improve their various organizational functions and processes. Apparently, when process-improvement efforts are carried out the organization can be ensured for a desirable improvement in both its organizational and business objectives and processes. And since the organization is assured to be working its best, customers are offered and delivered with only quality products and services. CMMI models are used in any CMMI implementation. These models are relevant published materials on CMMI best practices and are characterized by various subject or areas of interest.

Specifically, the organization to reach Level 5 or Optimizing Level simply means that it has successfully achieved the specific goals of the process areas designated in the previous maturity levels. The Optimizing Level concentrates on the continued improvement of process performance both the additive and innovative technological upgrades. Moreover, this level works on establishing essential and specific quantitative process-improvement objectives that can be continually revised to mirror the inevitable changes in business objectives. In addition, quantitative process-improvement objectives can be used as fundamental basis for managing improvement in organizational processes.

It is evident that the organization’s capability to swiftly respond to continuous change and opportunities is finely tuned by looking into means to speed up and share learning. Apparently, a process-improvement effort manifests its essential part among organizational management and staff, which leads to a continual cycle of improvement.

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