Some Pressing Issues on Outsourcing Jobs in America

Debates on whether or not America continues to outsource its jobs persists. Whether in-shore or offshore, outsourcing is still perceived by many as a national and economic threat than benefit. Economists, American workers, people who label themselves as patriots are but among who are outraged by outsourcing. No one can blame them from their intense reaction as it is possible that outsourcing CAN only lead for Americans to be losing their jobs and therefore, increase in unemployment rate while being substitute by mostly off-shore outsourced workforce.

There is no doubt about the benefits and advantages outsourcing can bring to corporations or among companies of various ranges. However, it is morally devastating enough for American workers to have worked hard educating themselves for job security only to be later deceived and eventually replaced by a continuing off-shore trend. They are asked to even train this new emerging workforce once they have been imported from their country of origin by their companies. Indeed, it is an ill-fated reality. Most of the American workforce exerted to obtain new and more education, improve knowledge and abilities so to succeed in the constantly changing economy. It is a dismal truth however that no matter how they devote themselves to keep up, they realized that these are not enough to contend against the race for corporations to gaining higher profits at cheaper labor costs in the rising global market.

Deliberate movements against outsourcing American jobs are constantly accelerating to make their voices heard. Boycotting outsourced products are among their plans, reinforced by re-educated and re-skilled workers so to become more competent against the new labor force. Americans are not against these rising workforce from developing countries but rather how the global division of labor is being handled.

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