Some Tips when Designing a Good Landing Page

The end objective of landing page is get visitors to take a definite action on your website or the product you are marketing.    As much as possible you wouldn’t want a visitor to leave your website until you get them to do what you want them to do.  Actions that marketers would expect their visitors to do would be either to click on the buy button, to sign up for an affiliate program, to download a free ebook or software, to sign up for a course, or to subscribe to your free newsletter.

You need to have a good landing page to attract visitors and achieve the goal of getting them to do what you want them to do on your website.  The following are some tips you need to know as you design a good landing page:

1. Make your landing page content relevant to what people are looking for.  Chances of conversion are higher if closer match results are achieved.
2. Be Concise.  Visitors would need information about the product but you need to be concise.  Use not more than three sentences to make a point.  Use bullets to list down the benefits of your product or service.
3. Address points directly. Your goal is to get your visitor to act so don’t distract them with advertisements, links to other web pages.
4. Focus.  Your landing page should be dedicated to one product or service.  Create multiple landing pages if you have multiple products or services to promote.
5. Be Factual.  State facts and figures rather than generalities.
6. Make a Call to Action bold.  Get your visitors attention by offering a Buy now, click here to download, fill in name and email address to subscribe or whatever.

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