South African Internet Connectivity and Service Level Agreement

Before we present a service level agreement recruiting sample, it is important to know first of all what a service level agreement when used for recruitment actually is. A service level agreement used for recruitment is actually a formal description of what the business expects from any candidates that will be interviewed by the personnel or hiring manager for a position within the business. A service level agreement for recruiting is important because it:
– Establishes standards for professionalism that must be observed by the candidates and the recruitment staff
– Helps assure that only the best candidates will be selected for the positions that are open for hiring. The components of a thorough service level agreement recruiting sample are:
– A clear description of what exactly the candidate will be doing in that job position when successfully hired.
– A comprehensive candidate profile that indicates the background sought in the ideal candidate.
– Possible relationships the ideal candidate has prior to being hired or would eventually develop in the course of performing on the job.
– A plan for going about advertising the position and contacting likely candidates for the position called a sourcing plan.
– Creating a schedule for recruitment that will help keep the hiring team on track when sourcing, interviewing and hiring ideal candidates for the positions.
– A policy of presenting and interviewing only those who are truly qualified for the position.
– A commitment to exploring the potential of ideal candidates in a more in-depth manner, so that candidates know exactly what the job will require from them.
– A commitment from the hiring manager to submit a thorough evaluation of the ideal candidates they are eyeing for the job within 24 hours from being interviewed.
– A commitment to use a formal standardized process to interview and recruit candidates.
– An agreement within the hiring team to limit the number of candidates to interview to just three or four at the most.

With companies nowadays going global, South Africa has been struggling to compete. Service level agreements in South Africa have been a major target of most internet service providers.  A service level agreement is an agreement between an IT provider (or an internet service provider, ISP) and a customer (or an organization) that would contain the specific details of the committed service the ISP is going to provide.  Many service providers today are competing with each other in terms of connectivity in South Africa.

Since areas of South Africa have yet to be connected, ISPs have been harnessing the combination of some or all of the power of satellite, cell phone, and fiber optics.  This would ensure African companies that they have continuous connectivity no matter what type of weather it is.  Some companies even offer premiums such as additional free hours for every service interruptions in their service level agreements for South Africa.

Most service level agreements for South Africa involve the performance, repair and upgrade of the network, response time of customer service, web hosting, web security. This is not to say that customers (or organizations) no longer have obligations to the service provider.  The customers are expected to also provide the service provider with the information related to the service they are requiring, creation and procurement of the proper equipment needed for the service, payment updates and the like.

Service level agreements in South Africa are basically just the same as any other SLAs. It is the service providers who make the agreements more tempting so that customers will sign up for their service.  In 2006, South Africa’s 49 million population only had a 10% internet connection.  But this is still a significant increase because they only had a 5.5% web connection in 2000.  This is a sure sign that service level agreements in South Africa will continue to be sweeter and sweeter as the market grows.


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