Sparing Every Drupal User from Navigation Confusion

Nick Lewis has explained the valuable assistance provided by the Drupal with the interface by saying it promotes so much convenience for Drupal users when exploring a website. According to the article of Lewis posted in “Nick Lewis, the Blog,” his own blog site, the drupal with the interface is more advanced as compared to the Drupal defaults for several reasons.

One reason stated by Lewis is the unrivaled convenience brought by the familiarity of the website to the user. Everyone is aware that users value the ease of website or program navigation. Examples of easy to navigate programs are the following: MS Word, Firefox, Explorer, Photoshop, Macintosh Finder, and desktop program. The main reason why these programs are simple to use is because they utilize the so-called UI pattern. This pattern is an example of good interface design that provides easy navigation for the users.

Normally, UI pattern is applied whenever a program has a large quantity of options that can overwhelm the user when viewed at once. This pattern helps by clearing up the options without compromising accessibility. Through the use of this pattern, it is no longer necessary to lessen the numbers of options in a program; hence, sparing the function of power users from being risked. Lewis emphasized that this is the apparent problem of Drupal’s menus.

If one will observe, most of the folks who attempt to learn Drupal at the very first time tend to get frustrated with the numbers of clicks. Now, by carefully and cleverly designing the interface, drupal users can easily identify each of their clicks as their passage to where they want to be.

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