Special Applications for Linux Podcasting

Creating podcast may be limited by the platform used by the podcaster. But not only Macintosh or Microsoft Windows can be used to create podcasts. Linux podcasting is also available. However, there are special applications that are compatible with Linux that the podcaster can use.

Subscribers can only listen to podcasts through using podcasting clients. Some of the podcasting clients compatible with Linux are the iPodder, Podget, BashPodder, BPConf, podcatcher on a stick, monopod, and playpod. There are also shpod, iPodder, Pod2Go, PlayPod, Perlpodder, Podracer, BrainCaster, CastGrab, gPodder, BashPodder4iPods, and Podsafe to be used. Also, podcast listeners using Linux can use the applications like mp3split, GNUpod, SyncPod, and gtkpod.

Meanwhile, to those who are planning to create podcast using the Linux platform can use compatible applications like the Audacity, Lame, Skype, and iPodder. Audacity is a sound recorder as well as a sound editor while Lame is an MP3 encoder. Also, the iPodder is a subscription tool while the Skype is a voice over Internet protocol (VoIp) client that can be used to record interviews through VoIP. Linux system also uses similar hardware devices for podcasting like a microphone, sound card with a single line-in port, and a pair of headphones.

With these many options for Linux podcasting, who says there is no way to enjoy a free platform? Although Linux is a free and open source platform, it can still be used to go with the popular craze of the world just like podcasting. Linux podcasting proves that there is really no need to buy anything to enjoy sharing ideas to the world.

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