Spending on a Good CCIE Study Guide Has Its Rewards

Every IT professional knows the importance of having a CCIE certification. They know that having such certification could earn them high salaries. So they try to earn the CCIE certification even at high costs.

However, not every IT professional who takes the said exams is successful. They have to take the written exam and the hands on exam. It’s important that they pass both exams to get certified. Many would have to retake a couple of times before eventually coveting such respected certification. Many spend thousands of dollars for review and getting hands on practice. There are some who would even buy old Cisco equipment to build their own mock labs at home. Others would rent online rack time so they can get hands on experience and practice on lab scenarios.

For this purpose, there are also some training centers and some sites that offer CCIE study guides. They also offer some questions and answers sets along with the explanation for each item. They even sell sound files for review. Some would offer everything in a bundle. IT professionals can purchase a whole CCIE study guide kit including some lab exercises.

IT professionals really go all the lengths just to get the CCIE certification. And they have the choices on which CCIE study guide to take. The more complete study guide is better since passing the CCIE exams is difficult. Spending so much on the review would be worth it if they get certified. According to 2007 survey, CCIE certified IT professionals earn 10% to 15% more than their uncertified peers.

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