SQL Server Analysis Services: Creating Intelligent Companies

The SQL Server Analysis Services is part of the core program introduced in the SQL Server 2000 edition. The application has been refined and upgraded in the 2005 edition of SQL Server.  The Analysis Services provides an engine from which database administrators could implement several solutions to enrich the business intelligence of their enterprises.

Essentially, the SQL Server Analysis Services implement two important database administration functions.  The first is enhanced reporting and query analysis while the other is specifically designed for business intelligence through efficient data gathering and mining facilities.

Administrators therefore will be able to implement online analytical processing or OLAP to take advantage of wide data sources.  The OLAP services are specifically structured to aggregate voluminous data and information.  Through the SQL Server Analysis Services, the data mined can be transformed into meaningful reports which can be used by companies for business intelligence.  Mining online services through manual or semi-automated processes would be very difficult and time consuming.  With the Analysis Services application, the activity can become automated thus speeding up the process of enriching the database for business intelligence.  

The SQL Server Analysis Services can also be used to generate accurate data patterns and trends which will be useful for business analytics.  This is actually part of data mining activity but the enhanced function of the Analysis Services could help companies develop a more holistic view of the market to improve their competitiveness.

SQL Analysis Service is more than a database administration tool.  It is also a business intelligence tool to improve the performance of the enterprise.

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