SQL server business intelligence relies on relational database management to access data based on ta

The SQL server business intelligence studio could be considered as an innovative development to business intelligence using SQL technology.  This innovative business intelligence suite has improved reporting capabilities.  The software suite following this kind of technology also contains and enhanced analysis manager that can generate intelligent analytics derived from different information databases.  The SQL server business intelligence studio also has additional features that simplify the tasks associated with data access, reporting, and information deliveries. 

Business intelligence suite using SQL database function can now generate reports that can be displayed on any platforms and environments.  This is made possible through manipulation of XML schemas so that business intelligence information can be generated using only a universal version.  This enhances the importance of business intelligence information especially because data can now be accessed across multiple platforms and engines.

The added feature of an SQL Server enabled BI solution is the ability to develop a single report based on multiple informational sources.  The data model can be viewed using layering technology and can be manipulated without altering the original sources of data.  This improves customization of databases as well as increases the ability of users to scale the data model without worrying about possible changes to the source.  This development feature of BI studio allows users to have extreme flexibility in generating data and delivering reports to intended audiences.  The new feature also provide a powerful mechanism for corporate users to enable multiple report generation using a unified data sources for a much easier access and manipulation of important data.

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