SQL Server DTS 2000

Data management and storage in organizations follow multiple formats and locations. Hence, database administrators are left with the issue of importing, exporting, and transforming data that can be contained in single application called SQL Server DTS 2000. Such application should be acquired by an organization that aims to develop their decision making process, enhance the performance of their system, advance their current network system, and other related objectives.

The transformation of data or the transferring of data from location to another is a given factor in every organization. Hence, the SQL Server DTS 2000 was designed to meet such needs of the organization which primarily provides services and tools that allow the users to extract, consolidate and transform the data stored from a certain source into other destinations which most of the time happens in multiple locations.

As you employ SQL Server DTS 2000 you can customize the data movement within your system so that once changes take place you can easily cope with a particular scenario and deal with it properly.

The acquisition of SQL Server DTS 2000 can be employed in the following circumstances that can happen in your organization:
1.    You deployed an another platform like an older version of SQL Server hence you have to modify your database schema and convert some data using the new version which is SQL Server DTS 2000.
2.    Creation of a DTS solution which allows copying and transformation of your data from an original source to the new SQL Server DTS 2000 using the new tools.
3.    You have to consolidate a few key Excel spreadsheets en route for the SQL Server database.
4.    The building of DTS solution from the message queue that in turn prompt DTS to extract data that comes from the spreadsheet to perform the expected operations as data is being loaded into a SQL Server database.

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