SQL Server has Email Capabilities Too

Today, email is already part of the lives of the people. They need it to easily communicate information most especially to the organizations. And it is for this reason that SQL servers have also the email functionality to communicate notifications to the users. They say that SQL Server 2000 email was not the best but good thing this was given attention and now there is an improved database mail with SQL Server 2005.

The advantage of this email service is that you can configure the SQL server email on different SMTP account and with different profiles. In this way, when one is down, you can still be able to send and read emails. This made the email function to become reliable even when there are SMTP server failures. This mailing service not in anyway causing the performance of your server since it is an external process. The email service is also being monitored properly in the updated software version since all the mails being sent are easily being tracked in the mail history. In this way, the SQL server administrators can actually monitor any mail events sent by the system. In this way also, the administrators would be able to fix the problems concerning SMTP.

One thing that is also notable with this email functionality is that it contains options wherein you can limit the size of the file. With this, you can be sure that large files would not be sent in the system to prevent mail server issues from arising. This email service for SQL Server 2005 really has gone a long way as compared to the previous version.

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