SQL Server Login: As a Part of the Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is the relational database management system offering of Microsoft. Many companies utilize it to complete their database management implementation. It manages data for the company through a relational model that stores data in table form and stores the relationship between data in tables as well. Aside from the basic functions of the SQL Server, it also has several add on services such as those used for analysis, replication, reporting and so on.

It is quite standard for systems to authenticate users before they are given access to the system. The same is true for Microsoft SQL Server. In order to get access into the SQL Server, one would have to pass through authentication. As with other systems, it is always a part of the security model.

The security model of the SQL server actually has several components, the first being the SQL Server login. This can be done in several ways. Two of the most common are through an SQL Server Authentication and through Windows Domain Authentication.

SQL authentication sees to it that user name and password are checked and matched against the SQL Server login database. So typically, user accounts need to be created through the SQL Server Enterprise Manager in order to be able to use the login authentication.

However, the most preferred authentication is through the Windows Domain Authentication since this uses the same username and password used to log into Windows Domain network. This makes this type of authentication more secure. Another advantage, of course, is there would be no more need to create a separate SQL Server login.

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