SQL Server Monitor: A Very Useful Tool for Monitoring Database Traffic

The SQL Server monitor is a highly specialized tool available on the SQL Server 2000 and 2005 surprisingly many users of the product have reported that it has stopped functioning anymore.  Some point out that not many people are using this service and it has been overlooked by database administrators.  However, the SQL Server monitor is a very useful tool especially for managing blocking issues within the database environment.  It can be used by administrators to accurately monitor database server usage and troubleshoot access problems.

The object of the SQL Server session monitor is to provide administrators with real time live feed of sessions.  This means the administrator can see who is currently using the database and who is being blocked from the database.  The SQL Server monitor will also provide a view of who is blocking an active user.  Based on this, remedial measures can be implemented on the database.  Administrators can override the blocking issues or they can maintain current blocks.

The SQL Server monitor can be configured to show instances of database use blocking.  Through its filter facility, blocking activities will show up on the administrator workstation thus faster trouble shooting could be implemented.  

The Server monitor also allows administrators to reset current block in order to unclog the system.  Through the resources monitor of the application, an accurate view can be displayed showing what tables are affected and from where the block is originating.  Being able to monitor live activities of users and applications could certainly help optimize the use and operation of the database.

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