SQL Server Performance Checklist

To fully improve and enhance the performance and scalability of .Net applications that use SQL Server a checklist of SQL Server Performance is the most perfect companion for this particular endeavor. The checklist is comprised of categories namely: the SQL Scale up vs. Scale Out, Schema, Queries, Indexes, Transactions, Stored Procedures, Execution Plans, Execution Plans Recompiles, SQL XML, Tuning, Testing, Monitoring, and Deployment Considerations.

Each category contains more specific options that wills serve as the components of the checklist, to gauge whether SQL Server performance is gaining some improvements or not. For instance in the deployment considerations, several important guidelines should be noted and regarded with high attention to address every scenario that could happen appropriately. Some guidelines that are considered to be relevant when it comes to deployment considerations are:
1.    for many applications, the employment of default server configuration settings
2.    for separate devices from data available, location of logs and the tempdb database is required
3.    the availability of separate devices designed for tables and indexes that are greatly accessed
4.    the use of suitable RAID configuration
5.    multiple disk controllers are employed
6.    the use of pre-grow databases, including logs, to keep away from fragmented performance and impact of automated growth of logs
7.    the availability of expanded memory
8.    the management of fragmented indexes
9.    the tasks of the data administrator that should be always kept in mind

Though there could be a lot of problems which could affect SQL Server performance and scalability, there are still techniques made available to every organization and data administrator that will be helpful in gaining best performance and scalability.

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