Stages in change management implementation

Change Management is often times not a welcome
 thing in an organization.  Others take it positively and
others not.  Change Management becomes necessary
if the organization feels that there is a slowing down or
current activities are hampering the effective performance
of the organization. 

There are three stages on how to implement a change
management plan.  These stages are discussed as follows:

1.  "Unfreezing" involves getting rid of inertia and take
to pieces the current "mindset".  At this stage defense
mechanism is ignored.  Business organization should be
able to define the change in management strategy.  It is
in this stage that change management team should be
created.  As a result of unfreezing it is expected that
the team has develop a change management model
to propose.
2.  "Managing Change" is the period of confusion and
transition. Some are resistance to change.  The business
organization should have develop a change management
plans at this stage and to take action and implement plans.
3.  Refreezing is the stage where new mindset is crystallizing
and the comfort levels of employees is returning to
previous levels.  At this stage change management team
should be able to collect and analyze feedback to better
address reactions immediately.  They should be able to
diagnose gaps and capable of handling resistance.  It is also
at this stage that business organization should be able to
implement corrective actions and give credit to successes.

Implementing change management requires skills and
success can only be achieved if participation from members
of the business organization takes place.

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