Stages when Planning an ECM Project

When planning for an ECM project, most people think of the general ECM planning—the kind of planning which may only involve the document management, imaging, or records management. But a real ECM project planning is not just consisted of the general idea since this will create chaos on the process. There are certain stages that need to be undergone so as the ECM project planning becomes successful.

The first step is establishing the governance committee and next will be determining of the user constituency and project managers. After that, there should be the creation of different teams like those on IT, consultants, and users. With this, the project manager will have easier time and more efficient usage of time when planning for the ECM project.

After that, the project manager should decide to group the people with the skills they have. Each team should have people with different needed skills so they can work well. But before activating all the teams, the project manager should first have the content inventory. This stage is done through determining the kinds of contents are in the organization and thinking ways on how to organize or group them.

Finding a sponsor as well as support personnel should be taken as the next step. These persons are essential in the success of the ECM project. After that, there should be effective communication with all the persons involved. The project manager should also learn about the different business processes.

Other aspects in the ECM project should also be established like the external staff, other staff, request for proposal, pilot, the plan for project implementation, and the user. These stages show that the process in planning for an ECM project is never that easy as what other people think it is.

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