Standard Requirements for A Call Center Agent Applicant

A call center agent belongs to the front line team of the company. The way an agent handle a client is the critical part of the job. There is a specific function for every person in any business but the call center agent has a duty to act in behalf of the company and give the best customer service possible.
There are two types of call center agents, namely, the inbound and the outbound call center agents. Generally, the inbound call center agent responds to the calls or e-mails from the customers. They do catalog and sales work, customer service, technical support and other help desk support. The inbound call center agent gets better pay than the outbound agent. A diploma or a college degree is sometimes required in this position since some highly technical or specialized information may be handled by the inbound agent. It is therefore necessary to have a comprehensive and in-depth training for this position. It is said to be more rewarding and interesting than the job of an outbound agent. Stress factor is higher for the inbound call center agent which may explain why the turnover in this field is high.

An outbound call center agent is those who initiate calls to customers. These are mostly telemarketing- and market-research-oriented activities. This job requires less demanding proof of educational background, licenses or certifications from the applicant for outbound call services. Basic requirement may include a high school diploma and fluency in English and maybe any other language used in the area. Some companies, however, prefer those with previous customer service background.
In both types of call center agent positions, a love for interacting with people is a must. Getting more training coupled with a personal desire for improvement and advancement would dictate how the agent moves up to higher avenues for advancement.


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