Steps And Processes For Risk Management

Risks are everywhere. By simply delivering a pizza, there are threats that await your
delivery. Nature, technical and even operational risks are likely to happen. But what are
the processes that you need to do? You should take note of these steps in order to avoid
the risks:

1. Identify the danger and threats
2. Evaluate the risks that can take place from the identified hazards.
3. Choose the best solution to control the situation.
4. Execute and practice these control measures.
5. Observe and monitor these solutions. If you think it needs improvement, then
change your approach.
By going through the process of risk management, the members of your team will know
the progress of your project. Knowing the procedures, the members are not clueless on
what next step to take. Thus, your staff can check and review the risk management
solutions. With no step by step procedures, the victory of accomplishing the task is left to
We need to go through the procedures and evaluate the problem. By understanding the
potential problem or risk, you are empowered to take charge in creating safety decisions
and solutions. These potential problems can cost a lot. It can also go beyond the required
deadline and compromise the quality of your product.

But how do you improve your risk management process?

First, when your project is done already or finished a certain phase, then you should
evaluate the effectiveness of the process. Review and brainstorm the weak and strong
points of the project. This includes how the members reacted on certain situations. By
discussing these things, you can take note of it as you head to your next project. By
discussing these comments and evaluating the performance of each member, you can
now look for alternative solutions and improve the old approach on risk management.


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