Steps for Providing Good Customer Service

If you are a customer service representative, you might find it hard sometimes to define just what is meant by good customer service. The company training programs may speak about good customer service all the time and you may instinctively have grasped what that means  but how do you implement that in your job the right way?

Basically, as a Customer Service Rep, you are the first person the customer will meet when he has a problem with a product or service that he feels dissatisfied with. So your first job as a Customer Service Rep is to be patient at hearing out the customer who has a legitimate complaint. Many times the customer will be plainly distraught so you need to be a bit compassionate as well (without automatically attributing the problem to the neglect of your company.) Remember, this is the age of lawsuits, so a Customer Service Rep has to be somewhat of a legal expert as well  meaning, you have to bear in mind that sometimes that weeping customer in front of you could be a total fraud. These things happen.

You also need to be a troubleshooter, even if you are not a techie (if the complaint is about a technical gadget) because you have to determine if this customer has a legitimate complaint or has just gotten the instructions in the manual confused somehow. If the problem seems to be of a highly technical nature, you may need to call in back-up personnel to help you diagnose the problem better.

If the customer refuses to listen when you tell him that the problem he has brought to your attention is not really a company concern, do not try to wing this one on your own. This is a problem for a higher authority like a supervisor or manager. And, again for legal reasons, it is good to get a second opinion from a more experienced superior when in doubt. Prudence should always rule.

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