Steps in Information Systems Development
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In the field of information systems where a systems specialist develop an information system to improve an  existing system or develop a new system based on  user requirements is called as Information Systems Development.

The development of information systems can either be acquired through In-sourcing, Out-sourcing, Self-sourcing, or Prototyping.

The following are steps in the information systems development:
1.Feasibility Study – the stage where information analyst makes a study of whether the managements’ concept of having the desired new system is achievable. It may be that development of a new system is not needed instead an update of the existing is enough.
2. Analysis – the stage  where  users and IT specialists work together to collect and comprehend the business requirements. Based on requirements, both will work on the  design and discuss the tasks to be done.The user and IT specialists signs on the  joint application design to formalize the business requirements.
3. Design – the stage where the system’s blueprint is created. The technical architecture is designed which includes telecommunications, hardware and software suited for the system..
4. Development and Testing – the stage where  building of the technical architecture, database and programs are executed.  It is also the stage where the system is tested using the established test scripts and  compare the  expected outcomes to actual outcomes.
5. Implementation- the stage where system is in place and is used by the actual workforce. User guide manual and training are provided to users.
6. Evaluation – the stage where system need to be evaluated for any bug from time to time.
7. Maintenance- the stage where system needs to be enhanced or strengthened in order to meet the goals of the organization.

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