Steps on Setting-up Mac OSX86 VMware on a Virtual Machine

Installation of Mac OSX86 VMware will allow a workstation to run two operating systems.  This is especially useful for workstations that are running on Windows platform.  The addition of the Mac OS on a virtual VMware guest machine would create additional opportunities and superior flexibility for the Host machine. 

To install a Mac OS X on a PC Windows, one needs to download first a copy of the VMware program.  This is available as a freeware on the VMware website.  There are also lots of websites that offer free downloads of VMware complete with installation instructions and serial numbers.

Once the download is complete, the VMware can be installed to set-up a virtual machine on the PC workstation.  Installation of the VMware virtual guest machine is as just like setting up a new application for the PC.  The user will be prompted by a wizard so it would be a matter of just clicking buttons until the installation can be completed. 

After installation of the VMware virtual machine, it can now be configured manually to allow users to allocate the physical memory of the host.  Each guest appliance will need 256 MB of RAM in order for it to run optimally.  It can be set to 128 MB per virtual machine but there would be a significant slow down when another OS is loaded on it.

The next step would involve installation of the Mac OS X on the virtual machine.  Mac OSX86 can be purchased online.  There are free downloadable versions of it but there could be an issue that may arise from these free OSX86 downloads.  So, upon securing a copy of the Mac OS, it can now be loaded on the VMware virtual machine as a separate operating system using the resources of the host PC.

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