Steps to Get MCSE Certification

Whether it is a requirement of your employer, or if you decide to pursue it yourself, gaining an MCSE or Microsoft Certified Engineer certification is a definite plus for any Information Technology professional. The MCSE certification will be the ‘proof’ of your expertise in either the Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 platform, as well as the .Net Enterprise of Microsoft.

Take a look at the following steps on how you can get MSCE certification. First, you need to decide which path it is that you would like to take. Is it the Windows 2000 product line that you would like to take a certification for? Or would you like to study the Windows Server 2003 system? For each of these types of MCSE certification, there is a corresponding exam available so you should decide which path to take before moving on to the next step.

Naturally, what comes next is to study for the MCSE certification exam. For this, you can either enroll in online review classes for the MCSE certification or enroll in a ‘real-class environment’ through MCSE boot camps. Another option that you have is to buy books and purchase study materials that you can read so that you can study and review at your own pace.

Before actually taking the exam, it is best to practice and test your knowledge with mock MSCE exam questions which are available either online or through your MCSE boot camp advisor. After taking and passing the MCSE examination, Microsoft will send the corresponding certificate which you can use during job interviews and include with your resume.

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