Strategy within the Enterprise Architecture

You think of strategy as a preventive measure, an improvement or a change.  Strategies are formulated resulting to experiences with individual’s interaction with the system or through related cases.  An enterprise when encountered with a situation cannot afford to wait for solutions nor wait for such occurrence.  Without clear defined information on Enterprise Architecture, it becomes difficult for an organization on where to start and identify what went wrong.

It is for this reason that Enterprise Architecture is vital to organizations in terms of designing, evaluating and building the right structure for their organization.  Enterprise Architecture provides the fundamental technology and process structure for an IT strategy.  This in return enables organization’s IT become a responsive asset towards modern business success and same time achieve competitive advantage.

Enterprise Architecture enables you to identify strategic parameters for change, as well as the work packages or projects that you need to undertake when you move from a current environment to the target.  You must be able to evaluate and select the options best suited for implementation either it be a build or buy or re-use options.  The strategy should give cognizance in terms of dependability and boundaries of functions are not overlapping. 

The elements of Enterprise Architecture are focused on deliverables and method to be performed. There is no prescribed rule on the specific deliverable and method, for as long as deliverables are produced and methods are appropriately applied.  Thus, architects are given the right to choose the best strategy considered relevant to the organization.

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